Keep Your Pets Comfortable

Help them stop scratching with flea control in Crawfordville, Woodville & Alligator Point, FL

Many of us treat our pets for fleas and ticks, but we often forget that these small parasites could also be present in our homes. Your pets can carry in bugs from outside, leaving you in need of professional flea control. Dixie Pest Elimination LLC is a top choice for residents of the Crawfordville, Woodville & Alligator Point, FL area.

We offer comprehensive flea and tick control that are safe for both your pets and your family. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Fleas and ticks could be hiding in your home

It's surprisingly easy for fleas and ticks to make their way into your home. They could be:

  • Attached to you or your family
  • Hitching a ride on your pet
  • Hiding on your pet's collar or toys

No matter how they've gotten in, we can get rid of them with effective flea and tick control. Make an appointment today to see just how easy flea control can be.